Zhu Tao  朱濤


Zu Tao朱濤

Born in 1971 in Guangzhou.
Studied to Guangzhou Fine Arts Institute.
Specialized in Chinese Wash-and-ink Painting, Watercolour Painting, Seal-engraving and Calligraphy.

Main Exhibition:
2002 - Painting was exhibited in Gallary-8, California, U.S.A.
2003 - Paintings were exhibited in La Pivoine Art Centre in B.C. Canada.
2003 - Guangzhou Fine Arts Exposition.
2004 - Guangzhou Watercolor Painting Itinerant Exhibition.
2004 - Participed "The Dalian Art Exposition".
2005 - Guangzhou Fine Arts Exposition.
2005 - Modern China Artist Itinerant Exhibition.

- Calligraphy and Painting were selected by China New Times LA TOUR EIFFEL Artistic Cup Competition, obtained the First Prize.

- Works was selected by Guangdong Province Art Exhibition, obtained The Excellent-Work Prize.

- The National Art Exhibition of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of China Labour Union, obtained The First Prize.

- China Sport Art Exhibition, obtained The Excellent-work Prize.

- Work was selected by The Maple Leaf Award Chinese Wash-and-Ink Art Exhibition, obtained The Excellent-Work Prize, Canada.

- Work was selected by "Ong Chen-Ru Art Exhibition, obtained The Excellent-work Prize,Australia.

- The Guangzhou Art Exhibition, obtained the Bronze Prize.
- Watercolour Painting was selected by The Yang Cheng Art Exhibition, obtained the Gold Prize.
- Seal-engraving was selected by Guangzhou Art Exhibition, obtained The Excellent-Work Prize.

- Porcelain work "An Mansion in Guangzhou" won the Bronze Prize at The First Guangzhou Tourism Artifact Exhibition.

- Participated "Shanghai Spring Artistic Salon", is evaluated "The Best Younger Artist".

Work Collected by:
2000 - The Australia China Art Gallery, Australia.

2007 - Fortis Asia Holdings Limited Hong Kong

Introduction of Works:
2004 - Works separately publishes in various of Art Magazine
(Art and Collection; Oriental Arts and Traditional Chinese Painting research)

2001 - The Seal-engraving Art of Zhu Tao
2003 - Painting of Zhu Tao


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