He Feng  何楓


He Feng 何楓

Born in 1965 in Guangzhou.
Graduated from the Affiliated Middle School of the Guangzhou Art Academy in 1984.
Graduated from the Guangzhou Art Academy, Faculty of Chinese Painting in 1988.
Lecturer of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Chinese Painting from 1988 to 1998
Presently is the Associate Professor of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts from 1998 to now.
Appointed Artist of the Guangdong Painting Academy.
Member of the Guangzhou Artist Association.

Main Exhibitions
1990 - The National Sports Art Exhibition. Beijing, Switzerland.

1995 - The China South Korea Exchanges Exhibition, The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

1997 - The National China Portrait Exhibition. Beijing.

1998 - Painting "Flower and Lady Series"(花與少女系列) Oriental Language Invitation Exhibition,
Hong Kong Baptist University.

2000 - Painting "Flower and Lady Series" (花與少女系列), Modern China Art Itinerant Exhibiition Germany.

2002 - Painting "Summer Scenery Series" (夏季風景),participated in the Chinese traditional Painting and New Atmosphere Art Exhibition.

2003 - Painting "Summer Scenery Series" (夏季風景)selected by Modern China Art Exhibition, Beijing.

2003 - Painting"Summer Scenery Series" (夏季風景) selected by National Art Biennial Exhibition.

Work Collected by:
Painting "Join in" was collected by The Museum of International Olympic Committee, Switzerland.

Painting "The Portrait of Song Mei-ling" was collected by Guangzhou Art Museum.

The Art Museum of Guangdong.

The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

The Hong Kong Baptist University.

Guangdong Painting Academy.

Eleven paintings were acquired by Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong in 2006.

1989 - Painting "The Sound of the Wind"(風聲) and Oil Painting "The Scenery of River"
(看得見河流的風景) were selected by The National Art Exhibition China,
obtained the "Outstanding Work Award".

1990 - Painting "Join in" (加入) was selected by The National Sports Art Exhibition, obtained
the "Outstanding Work Award".

1995 - Oil Painting"Brave Soldier"(壯士行)was selected by The Art Academy of Guangzhou, obtained the "Outstanding Work Award".


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