Wong Sau-ching  王守清


Wong Sau-ching 王守清

WONG SAU-CHING was born in Fujian Province China in 1954. The inspiration for his paintings
comes from his observations of nature and society He studied at the Wimbledon School of Art,
London in 1989, where he began to explore the essence of Western art and culture by tracing their
origins and sources of inspiration. Gradually, his unique understanding and artistic expression of life
and nature are formed.

Ching is a professional painter whose entire occupation is touring and drawing. His observations and experiences during his frequent tours and recorded in his diaries and captured in his work.

His artworks have been in the collections of famous galleries and museums and private collectors.

Solo Exhibition
1992 - The Wimbledon Art Council at Modern College. (London, United Kingdom)
1993 - Hong Kong Arts Centre. (Hong Kong)
1994 - Pao' Galleries at Hong Kong Arts Centre. (Hong Kong)
1995 - Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. (Hong Kong)
1998 - The Hong Kong Fringe Club. (Hong Kong)
1998 - Hong Kong Arts Centre. (Hong Kong)
2000 - The University of Hong Kong.
2005 - The Hong Kong Fringe Club. (Hong Kong)
2010 - Li Wing Tong Gallery. (Hong Kong)

Group Exhibition
1981 - "Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition" at Hong Kong City Hall
1991 - "Hunting Competition Show" Mall Gallery. (London)
1992 - "Liang Competition Show" Mall Gallery. (London)
1997 - "The China Art Exhibition at Liu Hai Su Art Museum. (Shanghai, China)
- "Contemporary Oil Painting Art Exhibition. (Shanghai, China)
2000 - "China-Germany Artists Exchange Show" in Embassy Germany. (Beijing, China)
2000 - "Twilight Journey - TIBET" Multi-media Show at The Fringe Club. (Hong Kong)
2000 - "Art in The World 2000" Exhibited at The Museum of Paris. (Paris, France)
2001 - "International Chinese Painting Biennial Exhibition. (Dalian, China)
2001 - "Hong Kong Ink Painting Exhibition" (Japan)
2001 - "Asian International Art Exhibition" in Hong Kong Public Libraries and Guangdong Museum of Art
2002 - Hong Kong Biennial Exhibition, Hong Kong Museum of Art. (Hong Kong)
2002 - International Ink Painting Exhibition at Guanshanyue Art Museum. (Shenzhen, China)
2003 - "China National Oil Painting Exhibition, Hong Kong City Hall & Beijing Art Museum.
2003 - Hong Kong and Seoul Fringe Festival Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition. (Seoul, Korea)
2004 - "CHING'S Studio Show", The Hong Kong Fringe Club.
2004 -"International Ink Painting of Shenzhen at Shenzhen Art Museum. (Shenzhen, China)
2004 -"National Fine Art Exhibition" organized by China Artists Association. (Beijing)
2007 -“Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Hong Kong Artists” at Hong Kong City Hall
2007 –"Exhibition of Works from 17 Countries” at the gallery of Kulturforum Historisches U,
Pasewalk, Germany
2008 - " New Ink Art: Innovation and Beyond " organized by The Hong Kong Museum of Art. (Hong Kong)
2009- "Hong Kong.Water.Ink.Colour - Exhibition of Chinese Paintings 2009" in Hong Kong Central Library and The Hong Kong Institute of Education.

Work Collected by:
- Hong Kong MTR Open Gallery at Central Station.
- The Hong Kong Museum of Art.
- The University Museum and Art Gallery. (The University of Hong Kong).
- Ten Paintings were acquired by Four Seasons Hotel, Macau in 2008.
- Two Paintings were acquired by Crown Plaza Macau in 2009.

1997 - Hong Kong ADC Visual Arts Fellowship.
2003 - China National Oil Painting Award.

External Links:
• Wang's works collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art
• Artist's biography prepared by The Hong Kong Art Archive, Hong Kong University
• Works collected by The University of Hong Kong


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