Lee Chi-cheung  李志章


Lee Chi-cheung 李志章

Born in 1951 at Amoy of Fujian, China, and moved to H.K. In 1968 studied Chinese painting at Fan Fung Studio. First joint exhibition in 1969---Contemporary H.K. Art organized by City Hall Museum and Art Gallery. Since then works have been exhibited in H.K., Macau, Taiwan, Philippines, UK, Monaco and USA. First one-manshow held at Geothe Institute, H.K., organized by the H.K. Arts Centre in 1975.

Solo Exhibition:

1975 - The Hong Kong Arts Centre.
1975 - Goethe Institute Hong Kong.
1979 - The Hong Kong Convention Centre.
1986 - By Club Maxim's at One Exchange Square Hong Kong.
2001 - American Club. (Taipei, Taiwan)
2002 - The Economist Gallery, Fringe Club. (Hong Kong)
2004 - Isetan Department Store. (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Group Exhibition:

1969 - "Exhibition of Contemporary Hong Kong Art" City Museum and Art Gallery.

1973 - "Exhibition of Chinese Art", the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

1975 - "Contemporary Hong Kong Art" organized by The City Museum & Art Gallery, presented by
The Urban Council on the occasion of the Hong Kong Art Festival.

1975 - "Exhibition of Modern Hong Kong Chinese Ink Painting" by National Museum of History
(Taipei, Taiwan).

1976 - "Exhibition of Works by Urban Council Art Award Winners", Hong Kong Art Museum. (Hong Kong)

1977 - "Exhibition of Hong Kong Artists" by Hong Kong Arts Festival Society Ltd, Hong Kong Art Centre. (Hong Kong)

1981 - "Joint Exhibition of Paintings by Contemporary Hong Kong Artists" by The University of Hong Kong, University Art Collection Committee.

1981 - "Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition", Hong Kong Museum of Art. (Hong Kong)

1983 - "Exhibition of Works by Instructors of The Department's Art, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

1983 - "Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition", Urban Council Museum of Art.

1984 - "Historic Buildings of Hong Kong Painting Exhibition" by District Association for Culture & Arts(Central & Western) and Fringe Club. (Hong Kong)

1993 - 'The Creation of Hong Kong Art Club Exhibition", Hong Kong Visual Art Centre.

1994 - "The 25th Anniversary of One Art Group Exhibition", City Hall. (Hong Kong)

2001 - "The Creation of Hong Kong Art Club Exhibition", City Hall & Hong Kong Cultural Center,(Hong Kong).

2002 - "Hong Kong City Hall 40th Anniversary, One Art Group Exhibition. (Hong Kong)

2002 - "Art Link Exhibition", City Hall (Hong Kong).

2003 - "Artists in the Neighborhoods Sheme II", The Hong Kong Cultural Centre. (Hong Kong)

2004 - "The Creation of Hong Kong Art Club Exhibition", Hong Kong Cultural Centre. (Hong Kong)

2005 - "Chun Fung Painting Society Exhibition" at National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.
(Taipei, Taiwan)

2005 - "Chun Fung Painting Society Exhibition", Hong Kong Central Library. (Hong Kong)

2007 - "The Creation of Hong Kong Art Club Exhibition", Hong Kong Cultural Centre. (Hong Kong)

Work Collected by:
- The Hong Kong Museum of Art.
- The University of Hong Kong.
- Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
- Barclays Bank (Hong Kong).
- Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. (Hong Kong).
- The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong.
- The Peninsula (Bangkok, Thailand)
- The Gallery at Oui (Boston, United States)
- Fortis Asia Holdings Limited Hong Kong.
- Four Paintings were acquired by The VENETIAN MACAU in 2009.

- 1973 - The Royal Over-seas League Art Exhibition, London, United Kingdom.
Obtained the "Fine Arts Awards".
- 1974 - "Face of Hong Kong" Painting Contest, obtained the "Award of Merit".
- 1975 - Urban Council Fine Art Award.

External Links:
• Lee's work collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art


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