Him Lo  盧樂謙


Him Lo (盧樂謙)

Him is a Hong Kong-born artist. His work is mainly a quest of the form of existence in the city. He focuses in the relations between the ego and physical. Through violent and dark expression, he expressed time with a sense of emergency.

2005-2008 BA in Fine Art at Rmit University GPA: 3.8)
2002-2004 VCD BA in Illustration at Middlesex University (First Class Honour)
1998-2001 BTEC Higher Diploma in Commercial Design at Caritas Bianchi College of Careers.


2007 -“Busy, Forgotten and Lost”, Painting Exhibition in Shanghai Street Museum.

2008 -“Invisible Mark”, Performance in Cattle Deport.
2008 -“Invisible Mark”, Performance in Sense 99.

8/2009 -“Rock the MTR車箱作樂”, MTR HK Island Line organized by Him Lo.

8/2009 - “ SleepIng TogetHer 一起午睡 ” Victory Park organized by Him Lo.

8/2009 -“Its just all about the mood 城市有種浪漫 ” organized by Him Lo.

6/2009 -“這一代的六四”, Street performance organized by Him Lo.

1/2010 -“Jonathan Livingston Seagull天地一沙鷗”
Performance in HKICC LEE SHAU KEE

2/2010 -“The golden dazzling dream 浮生若夢 ” Performance in MadHouse.

2/2010- “ Run 跑” Performance in west kowloon cultural district.

3/2010 -“ 第一屆持續創作展 ” Victory Park.

4/2010 -“Undisclosed territory performance art event in solo“Indonesia.

4/2010 -“十四膠龍 - 「我俾條毛你」" City magazine.

5/2010 -“「生命的碰撞」”Street performance organized by Him Lo.

6/2010 -“ 這一代的六四 2010 ”, Street Performance organized by Him Lo.

7/2010 -“ Run 跑” Performance and painting exhibition in IAOHIN gallery Macua.

11/2010 - Solo Exhibition "Tha Plain" in Central Plaza.


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