Auyeung Nai-chim  歐陽乃霑


Auyeung Nai-chim

1931 - Born in Guangdong, China.

Settle in Hong Kong at the age of seven. He started to practise western painting early in life. His works mainly consisting of Watercolors; Oil Paintings and Chinese Paintings.

Auyeung has received honors from the Huanan Art competitions in Guangzhou and the Beijing National Youth Art Competition in the 50's.

Auyeung's works become popular among private collectors but have also been publicly exhibited on a regular annual basis every year since the 1950's, taken place in Beijing's Prestigious Chinese Art Gallery and Hong Kong Museum of Art.

His Artwork have previously been published under the titles of "Paintings by Auyeung Nai-chim" and "Paintings of Hong Kong by Local Painters(works of Auyeung Nai-chim") 1992.

2008 awarded the medal of honor from the Government of HKSAR, praises him in Hong Kong's artistic achievement

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• Auyeng's works collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art ( Total 71 artworks )


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